Education Trends

The involvement of technology and innovation in education has become perennial when talking about trends in education. The use of computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and other digital devices started a couple of years already. Related to and more than this, there are specific education trends which have already started developing, will continue and will be established to be part of the norm. They have started and will show more strength in the coming year.


Gaming has been the order for reaching out to students so that they will be motivated to study. These people are young learners and even the more mature ones would not mind having some enjoyment time especially with the other responsibilities they have like work and family. Gamification uses the two elements of fun and competition. Of course, competition leads to improvement and excellence. It is a very helpful teaching aid in education.

Augmented Reality

Veering away from gaming and back to a more traditional and more mainstream method of attracting the attention of students is using augmented reality. There are no games here. Rather, learners are carried into a modern day travelogue or field trip. With the use of augmented reality applications, students are transported into a different place or time. They can examine objects or specimens the virtual reality way. It is like virtual reality or the hologram. Students will love the learning experience. The learning will have a longer imprint in their minds.


The other name for programming. It is more fondly used because it is more specific as programming as in computer programs. It is simpler because it is the building block of websites and applications. It is the basic unit task in programming. It has become a new must for young learners. Learning how to ride a bike, type, drive a car, cook or use a computer and its programmes are the old skills which have become “given” and “understood” in life. Coding is a new one which will add to these.

In the near future, both the young and the old will be expected to have the skill of coding. We will need this because we will use the computer and the internet in many more aspects of our lives. And so, this skill should be learned by children, and even adults, and should be taught in schools to the young and, again, the old as a separate subject and used in some.

Online Portfolios and Resumes

Steel cabinets, brown file envelopes and file folders are slowly starting to become obsolete. Exhibits and expos gain more exposure and are preserved in photos in the computers and the internet. And so are the works of students from pre-school to higher education. They have become online portfolios. And so have resumes. As specimens of the work of students and professionals are accessible through the internet, so are their bio-data. Graduates and the people in the job market showcase themselves in the world wide web.

It is in the virtual venue where most of the most attractive employers search for the best candidates for jobs. The education sector should teach young students how to do their work in computer, assemble their portfolios there, develop technologically competitive resumes and maintain one in jobs and professional board sites in the internet. Aside from this, this teaching trend is very attractive to learning students. They would like to showcase their knowledge, skills and themselves through this platform.

Portfolios and resumes are comprised of the works of the students. Portfolios include different forms like arts, writing, graphic designs, tables, audio, images or whatever the field of discipline and the appropriate medium calls for. On the other hand, resumes are solely in written form. Students and professionals can still use the help ofessays services in developing resumes and portfolios.

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