What kind of questions are accounting interns asked?

In order to get a job as an accounting intern, you need to pass through the interview. During the interview, they assess you on various aspects to your personality. Therefore, it is very important to come across as someone who is smart, grounded, a team player, one good with numbers and a person who can keep their cool even when under a lot of stress.

Questions accounting interns are asked – Premium Graduate Placements offers accounting internships.

The next thing which you must remember to check after you download the form is to look for the cutoff date because there would be a date set by the companies in order to submit the application to the company. It is mandatory to submit the application within the mentioned dates as the application will get rejected automatically by the system because it is all system driven in the larger companies.

There are quite a few questions an accounting intern can be asked, and they range from the obvious to quite oddball questions. Some of the questions one needs to be prepared for when going for an accounting intern interview are :

  • What are your strengths, your weaknesses and what do you see as a threat and opportunity
  • You could be asked weird questions like what are four things which can hold a gallon of oil – this is done to see how fast you can think on your feet and to check if you are a lateral thinker.
  • You can be asked as to who is the most important person in your life and why – this informs the interviewer of your values and if you are a family oriented person.
  • You could be asked a question such as how many cars were sold by BMW last year – this is not to test your general knowledge but to evaluate how you deal with situations which you clearly are at a disadvantage – do you lie or do you make up numbers or do you come out with the truth and say you honestly don’t know or are you creative and do not lie but at the same time do not say that you don’t know what the answer is.

These are just some of the questions a person could be asked.

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